What Peter Drucker says about Effective Executives

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Peter Drucker is a legend in business and management thinking.  He passed away in 2005, after writing almost 40 books, teaching extensively and consulting people like Procter and Gamble’s A.G. Lafley, GE’s Jack Welch, and Intel’s Andy Grove.  He is credited with the concepts of knowledge workers, management by objectives and outsourcing to name a few.   He anticipated the rise of non-profits and the social sector.  In short, he was the man.

If you consider yourself a student of business, management and organization and don’t know Peter Drucker, uh . . . you better do some reading.  His writing is old school – in fact a good bit of it was before color TV broadcasts in the US, and almost all of it before the internet.  Does that diminish the value of his thoughts?  Not really, he was that good.

I wrote an amazon.com review of The Effective Executive

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