Consulting formula: think + write + communicate + revise

A practical formula.. I like this simple blog …

Consultants Mind

On a large project with so many moving parts, people, stakeholders, and organizational history that I sometimes get lost in the activities, status reports and project management mess.   Stop.  I need to come back to the basics of consulting.  This post is written to myself, for myself.  Gotta get back to basics:

think write communicate reviseThink.  Clients pay us to think through their problems broadly and deeply.

Write.  If you can’t put it into words and visuals, you aren’t saying anything.

Communicate.  Share the storyline with the client…

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About redahojeij

Extensive international experience in the pharmaceutical industry in General Management, Sales and Marketing, in mature and emerging Markets across Europe, Middle East and North Africa. > + 25 years of experience in a Fortune 50 global pharmaceutical Company, developing business, sales potential, new opportunities, people and organization structures across a wide range of emerging and mature markets in EMEA. Founded KALEMA Consulting to provide services in Executive Business Coaching and Consulting, for Business Executives wanting to improve performance and effectiveness in face of existing business challenges in International mature and emerging markets Double Education background, Business and Science. Tri-lingual (English, French and Arabic)
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