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I love coaching.  It is one of the most meaningful parts of this consulting job. Sometimes I am more focused on coaching the junior resources than the client. Probably not a good mindset, but that is the part of the job that I get excited about.

I am not a certified coach.  No one pays me to coach them formally.  This post was created on a Saturday night with 2 glasses of California Cabernet, not years of training. That said, I coaching as a core part of my job.  Building our consulting team.

Coaching is a relationship.  Effective coaching starts with trust and a relationship. Personally, I don’t care what you are saying unless 1) I believe you are credible 2) what you are saying can somehow benefit me  3) you care about my welfare.  As selfish as this sounds, that is how most people think. . . What’s in it…

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About redahojeij

Extensive international experience in the pharmaceutical industry in General Management, Sales and Marketing, in mature and emerging Markets across Europe, Middle East and North Africa. > + 25 years of experience in a Fortune 50 global pharmaceutical Company, developing business, sales potential, new opportunities, people and organization structures across a wide range of emerging and mature markets in EMEA. Founded KALEMA Consulting to provide services in Executive Business Coaching and Consulting, for Business Executives wanting to improve performance and effectiveness in face of existing business challenges in International mature and emerging markets Double Education background, Business and Science. Tri-lingual (English, French and Arabic)
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